Margaritas at the Pittsboro Roadhouse

Margaritas, Margueritas? (How are these amazing drinks spelled anyway!)

Starting the week of the Summer Solstice 2014, we now have a new special on Margaritas!

$6 Margarita Mondays

Starting the third week in June, we began offering $6 Margaritas on Mondays! We hope it will make the first day of the week a little cheerier for you!

New Margarita at the Pittsboro Roadhouse, a big hit!

Have you ever heard of a Watermelon Margarita?

Have a look!

Fresh sea salt, spread around the rim of the watermelon around the straw, ready to sip.

Watermelon Marguerita

New Watermelon Margarita at the Pittsboro Roadhouse! (Do you believe us?)

Watermelon Margaritas

This is what the bartender really had in mind!
Pretty? Tasty? Both?


Watermelon Marguerita

Watermelon Margaritas at the Pittsboro Roadhouse (Photo courtesy of Heather Johnson)


NC Fresh Catch in Pittsboro

 NC Fresh Catch is Coming to Pittsboro NC in June 2014

NC Fresh Catch Hwy 64 Summer Tour 2014

The Hwy 64 Summer Tour 2014 of NC Fresh Catch is stopping in Pittsboro Saturday June 21, 2014 between 3 and 8 pm with the most amazing selection of fish foods and the most amazing music! Did you see that kids 12 and under get in free? The entry fee is a modest $5, and once in, you can buy your food and drinks from individual vendors.

Live Music by these amazing bands:

The Swang Brothers

John Willse’s Upstartin’ All-Stars

The Dye Wells

Red Hot Poker Dots

Check out this video interview with Meg Davis, lead singer, about her life and finding a home in Carrboro, NC. Includes live music.

DoDaddy Farms Hydroponic Lettuce

The Pittsboro Roadhouse & General Store is committed to sourcing produce and meats from local farmers and business people, while balancing the availability, the affordability and the quality. Local farmers and providers stop by with their fresh produce, and organizations like First Hand Foods help us access a wider reach into local farming communities.

For a time we were sourcing greens from DoDaddy Farms.

DoDaddy Farms Hydroponic Greens with Fresh Mango Vinaigrette. House Smoked First Hand Foods Pork Belly, House-Pickled Water Melon Rind and Blackened Shrimp.

DoDaddy Salad 3

Live Radio Show Recording Thursday Nights at the Roadhouse

When Greg Lewis and Maria Parker Lewis took the challenge and stepped up to bring a community restaurant and event space back where the General Store Cafe once stood, we were all hopeful that this would mean many very good things for Pittsboro, Chatham County and the Triangle Area.

But who would have predicted that we would be the site for a new – likely never done before – Americana Radio Show – recording live-to-disc, with the internationally touring Americana recording artist Chapel Hill’s own TOKYO ROSENTHAL!

With five CDs to his credit, and top ten placing songs on international Americana lists, awards and honors, this singer songwriter impressed us all the first time he performed on the Roadhouse stage.

JUNE 5, 2014  8:00 PM BE THERE

Find out how to get your tickets (no charge) and be one of a few people to participate in this ground-breaking first season of The Tokyo Rosenthal Program. (This is a live recorded show, so you will be part of a studio audience.)

See the list of wonderful and talented Americana Guest Performers, most singer songwriters themselves just as Tokyo Rosenthal is.

SEASON ONE Thursdays June 5 – July 31 2014

The first season will run for two full months June and July 2014. A maximum of 50 tickets are available per show. Serious listeners please.

The Tokyo Rosenthal Program is a syndicated radio show.

Syndicated Radio

Toke moves fast and we’re working to keep up with all he is doing. Here’s a starting list of the radio stations that will be playing the syndicated “Tokyo Rosenthal Program.” One thing we can count on is that this list will grow.

Affiliates and Sponsors

Email Tokyo at to learn more about becoming an affiliate or sponsor of this unique Americana Radio show recording live from the Pittsboro Roadhouse in the heart of North Carolina’s Piedomont region.

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Who Did You Say Tokyo Rosenthal Is?

Find out for yourself…

Where is Tokyo Rosenthal Online?

YouTube Channel






Trilogy at the Pittsboro Roadhouse May 24, 2014

Trilogy is back at the Pittsboro Roadhouse. They’ll be performing with Donovan Zimmerman (Director of the Paperhand Puppet Intervention) a drummer who also plays with Jimmy Magoo & the Good Life.

While NC Hops and Roots Festival is happening at Shakori Hills, we’re having our own festival of their wonderful mix of contemporary folk, swing, covers and originals.

Trilogy’s May 24, 2014 Performance at the Pittsboro Roadhouse

Set 1 will include the following songs:

Cow Pie Medley

The Great Storm is Over

Starting to Believe

If I Laid My Burdens Down (Richard Edwards)

What It’s Not

Summer Fly


Cowboy Sweetheart

Hero’s Story

Rt 66

Saturday Night

Hard Times

Ode to Woolworth

Month of Sundays

Set 2 includes these songs:

All is Welcome Here



Learn to Live to Love


Small Town


Turning of a Phrase

Show Me Yours

Angels from Montgomery

My Analyst Told Me


Amazing Grace

Pecha Kucha – Pittsboro Roadhouse – Jun 2

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Pecha Kucha is sponsored by the Abundance Foundation and held at the Pittsboro Roadhouse. Look for an event each quarter.

Coming Pecha Kucha Events  – June 2, 2015

Past Pecha Kucha Events

  • March 10, 2015
  • November 25, 2014

Read all about it here, on the Abundance Foundation website.

Pecha Kucha in Pittsboro NC USA

What’s Pecha Kucha?

Read about it here. 20 PowerPoint Slides in 20 Seconds.


Weddings at the Pittsboro Roadhouse

We’ve held several weddings and more receptions at the Pittsboro Roadhouse, but today May 4, 2014, the wedding party transformed our restaurant. Beautiful flower arrangements were done by Blossom Artistry in Pittsboro.

Bass Mountain Boogie Music Festival – May

Bass Mountain Boogie Music Festival

Bass Mountain Boogie Logo

The first weekend in May.

About the 2014 Bass Mountain Boogie Festival

“The Bass Mountain Boogie, ‘Boogie’ for short, is three days of Party Bands!” Wilson said. “It’s a new festival, in its first year, but it is taking place on the same grounds where the thirty-year-running Little John’s Bluegrass Festival is held, the Cane Creek Campground in Snow Camp, NC.”

The Boogie will have noted bands performing, including the three mentioned above, Nantucket, The Embers featuring Craig Woolard, Jim Quick & Coastline, Hip Pocket and the Megan Doss Band among others.

The drive time to the Cane Creek Campground in Snow Creek NC is 20 minutes from Siler City, about 30 minutes from Mebane, Pittsboro, Carrboro and Chapel Hill; 50 minutes from Apex, Durham and Sanford; an hour from Cary and longer from Raleigh.

Sweetwater Pecan Orchards

Sweetwater Pecan Orchard is owned by  Alfred De La Houssaye 

Located on 25 acres on the Rocky River in Silk Hope, NC, the Sweetwater Pecan Orchard makes pecans, pralines, baked goods including pecan pies and their very own “chocolate pecan chewy,” peaches, apples, oriental persimmons, grapes, figs, Shiitake mushrooms, preserves, plus a lot of vegetables.

You can find Alfred at the Carrboro and Durham Farmers’ Markets:


Phone: 919-943-1800 


Destination Restaurants from Apex NC

Highway Sign on 64 WestNewcomers from all over the world, and all over America are moving to the Triangle. You’ve met them. Maybe you’re one. North Carolina is a magnet for people of all ages, for families, entrepreneurs, seniors, singles. Our state really does have it all, and the world is taking notice.

So you’re not from around here, or you’ve been away for a time. How do you find out what’s new, what’s hot, what you’re missing?!

Happily there are many bloggers out traveling around taking pictures and writing notes about what’s really really cool and fun and worth your time.

That’s what it’s all about isn’t it – finding out what is worth your time to travel to.

Apex North Carolina has many of its own attractions – the historic district downtown is charming and delightful, and full of good restaurants. But, if you live here, as some of us do, after a while, you’re ready for some variety, something new, something different, and we’d like to make sure that you who live in Apex are well aware of some gems less than half an hour away, heading West on Hwy 64, through the country side, past farms and high end developments, over the aquatic heaven of Jordan Lake with its many parks and beaches and boat launching sites, over a couple of hills and across the Haw River to another world… Chatham County, and Pittsboro North Carolina.

A transplant myself, living in Apex, I remember the first time asked about traveling “so far” to Pittsboro. I was considering taking professional training out in that direction but I was concerned about having to drive out that way three times a week for a year.

“So tell me, how did you stand the drive?” I asked, as if it was an eight or ten hour drive.

“It’s beautiful,” she said, “simply beautiful.”

“After a day at work, sitting at a desk, dealing with all the pressure of a corporate job, I’d pack a snack for the after work drive, and in just a few minutes I found myself enjoying the skyline, the clouds and colors over Lake Jordan, the colors and movement of the leaves on the roadside trees, the birds, the boats, the hills, and before I knew it, I was there in Pittsboro, more relaxed, and really happy to have traveled through the countryside for a short spell.”

Her words sank in, rang true, and in the years to come I would complete three year long weekend trainings traveling daily round trips for 2 or 3 day weekends back and forth to just beyond Pittsboro. — Anora McGaha

Destination Restaurants from Apex, NC

The Pittsboro Roadhouse – Live Music 6 – 7 days a week; Fine Dining; Burgers; Local Specials (Pittsboro Historic Downtown)

Belladonna’s Italian Restaurant – Intimate and romantic setting for great Italian food. (Pittsboro, East)

Oakleaf – a simply elegant refurbished warehouse space at Chatham Mills with fine food, specializing in local farm to table. (Pittsboro Chatham Mills)

Fearrington House Restaurant – a top rated restaurant in the charming senior retirement village known as Fearrington Village. (Pittsboro – off 15/501)

Angus Barn – a world renowned restaurant that is huge and has a wine-cellar so big they give tours. (Raleigh)