Handsome Al & the Lookers w/ Emma Davis

Handsome Al and the Lookers w/ Emma Davis are a Blues / Rock / R&B band from Raleigh, NC.
Handsome Al and the Lookers with Emma Davis

Sweet Home Chicago

Emma Davis – vocals
Alan Heckle – guitar, vocals
Dave Youngman – keyboard, sax, guitar, vocals
Dave Masson – bass, vocals
Richard Gates – drums


Handsome Al and the Lookers are just getting started as a band, but each member has been at it for many years. Dave Y and Alan most recently with the “Chicken Fried Blues Band”, Emma with “Big Mama E and the Cool” , Richard not so recently with “Nantucket” and “BJ Thomas”, Dave M with Al in “The Heaters” and also in “The Stormchasers”. Boils down to this .. the guys can play and the girl can sing. Have a listen .. it’s all in the music.


I am a Raleigh, NC native. I have been singing in bands since high school, but Big Mama E and the Cool has been my long term passion project. I am very happy to get the chance to sing some of my favorite music – which is R&B, Soul, and the Blues. Oh, and I also sell craft beer, so life is pretty good!


I have been playing guitar all my life. I’ve played in a blues band called The Heaters. We played a lot of our own material as well as The Thunderbirds, Charlie Musselwhite, and many more. I listen to all kinds of music and appreciate all kinds of music. I lived in Texas for several years and worked with Smokin Joe Kubek, Bugs Henderson and many great players. Ed King and I played together back in the early seventies and Ed is still a good friend. I love Danny Gatton, and Robben Ford .


Grew up in NYC … started piano at 8, clarinet at 11, sax at 14, guitar at 16 and flute in my 20’s. Went to the High School of Music and Art in Manhattan. Got drafted after college and played clarinet and sax in the army band. After the army, played all over the Southeast in the 70’s… Played with Adele Foster band, Space Heaters, Mr. Sticky, Chicken Fried Blues Band.. was too many to mention. Lately I’ve been leading my own jazz group, working with my wife Lola on vocals….

(From Reverbnation)

The Lightning Band

Welcome the Lighting Band to the Pittsboro Roadhouse Stage on Saturday June 6, 2015

Lightning Band

Katy Perry “Break the Cycle” Night – FVRC Benefit

Makani McKenzie as Katy Perry

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Katy Perry Break the Cycle Night Flyer

International superstar singer-songwriter Katy Perry auctioned off three of her guitars at the most viewed musical show in history, Super Bowl 49 Half time show.

Three US-Made Fender Guitars, were auctioned to benefit Break the Cycle(TM) a dating violence prevention organization.

A Triangle-area guitar collector won the auction in a bid to own a piece of Super Bowl, Katy Perry and American history. Surprised, but pleased to win, the collector wanted to have the guitars displayed at the Roadhouse. (There’s another story there. Stay tuned.)

We decided to mark the event by holding our own fundraiser for the cause of preventing violence against women, for Chatham County’s Family Violence & Rape Crisis organization, a local non-profit that actually works with Break the Cycle.

Katy Perry “Break the Cycle” Night at the Pittsboro Roadhouse


Date: Tuesday June 9 5 – 8 pm

Fundraiser: 10% of your Dinner purchases will go to FVRC. We will welcome donations for FVRC. We may even have a raffle.


Jessica Nunn, Emcee, Founder of the Phoenix Theatre Company (of North Carolina).

Trio Luna w/ Sheila Fleming, Cathy Brooksie & Amy Hall Durso.
Brad Junell (Raleigh Event DJ) will be our DJ and Karaoke Master playing Katy Perry songs.
Makani McKenzie as Katy Perry.
YOU and your children and friends. And,
Raffle/Silent Auction.

Marianna Spence and Andrea Batsche from FVRC – Family Violence & Rape Crisis will be joining us.

Katy Perry Night - Performers Photos

News Media on the Katy Perry Auctioned Guitars

Did you see the No More Super Bowl Ad, a public service announcement. Chilling. Inviting us to listen for what isn’t said.


Ed Davis in Pittsboro

Have a listen to the magical style of Ed Davis who performs periodically at the Pittsboro Roadhouse!

 Ed Davis, NC Musician

And this one:

More about Ed Davis, from Ed himself:

I have all sorts of video on my facebook wall, and several solo and duet recordings on youtube….the two main sources on youtube are listed under “Mikey Howell” and “Ed & George”

Pat Lyons (who lives nearby) and I, along with Wendi Serat, recorded some songs as “Wendi And The Flying Squirrels”.

Awards! I have won several First-Place ribbons for guitar at Shakori Hills, even won first place mandolin and third place banjo there!

I got to perform with several different groups there over the years…my newest musical partner, George Stewart and I, are listed as Number Two currently on the local Reverbnation.

I started playing in public when I was nine years old, as half a duet with my older brother. My music runs all over the place from hardcore country to rock and everything in between…but I love keeping it acoustic as much as possible…..old hippies, you know…hehe…

I currently live outside of Goldsboro where my wife and I have operated a portrait studio and herb gardens forever!

I know quite a number of people in your area, having met them either through the festivals or during visits with my daughter who lived in Moncure area. Looking forward to coming and performing….kinda a jeans and boots musician….music makes me smile and I lime to share! Peace!

We’re looking forward to having you play Ed! Thanks for choosing the Pittsboro Roadhouse!

PAST Performances

January 22, 2015 – 6 – 8 pm.

Trio Luna

Trio Luna is a trio of three talented singer songwriters:TrioLuna May 2015

Sheila Fleming

Cathy Brooksie Edwards

and Amy Hall Durso.

Based in Pittsboro, North Carolina, they perform locally on special occasions.

Look for then on Tuesday June 9th as one of the performances for the Katy Perry Night – FVRC Fundraiser.



All is Welcome Here sung by Trio Luna with guest percussionist.

Yamajah by Sheila Fleming sung as part of Trio Luna

Steve Hartsoe in Pittsboro

Steve Hartsoe started writing songs while fronting an alternative rock band based in San Jose, Calif., which released two critically acclaimed albums, charted in France and toured from Portland to Santa Barbara, California.

Steve Hartsoe, Raleigh Singer Songwriterx450The band (named London Down then Raging Marys) opened for artists including Chris Isaak, Mudhoney, the Tragically Hip and the Young Fresh Fellows.

After the band’s demise, Hartsoe began playing a self-described “neo-traditional folk-rock” as a solo artist at clubs, cafes and churches around central and northern California, releasing a few demos and a 10-song album, “Joseph Days.”

Along the way he performed at landmark clubs including the Starry Plough in Berkeley and Hotel Utah in San Francisco. Hartsoe also opened for noted artists including Todd Rundgren, The Smithereens and Dan Vickrey, now lead guitarist in Counting Crows.

These days, he’s playing clubs, cafes and live radio shows around North Carolina while working on songs for a full-length album he hopes to release in 2015.

“I think a quote I read from T-Bone Burnett describes my approach to songwriting pretty well, that as a Christian you can sing about the Light or what you see by that Light. These days I’m doing the latter,” Hartsoe says.

Have a listen to “Seven Miles to Wilmington” from his Neo-Traditional CD.

Follow Steve Hartsoe on Twitter @HartsoeMusic


Makani McKenzie as Katy Perry

Young teen Makani McKenzie from Siler City, NC is an actress and singer and performs locally in Disney characters, like Elsa the Frozen princess and Cinderella. She’ll be performing as Katy Perry at the Katy Perry themed Break the Cycle Night at the Pittsboro Roadhouse.




Nashville Recording Artist – Steely James

Nashville recording artist Steely James performing in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Here are two Video clips from Steely James’ performance Tuesday April 7th at the Pittsboro Roadhouse

Staring with a Buffalo Springfield favorite: For What It’s Worth

Following with an original by Steely James.


About Steely James

“Steely James is an outstanding Singer/Songwriter/Performer from the Indianapolis area in Indiana U.S.A…. A multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums.

He is unique because of the bridge he’s built connecting his Singer/Songwriter Acoustic Pop-ish, yet sometimes dark style to his Native American ties. Public response is amazing, a testament to his direction, talent and the story that surrounds him.”

Steely James Nashville Recording Artist-st

Beautiful acoustic song with a world music feel.


Here he’s playing Money’s Gone.


No Worries Band

The No Worries Band performed in May 2015 at the Pittsboro Roadhouse.

No Worries Band

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Genre: Americana  / Singer/Songwriter / Bluegrass

The No Worries are based in Cary NC.


We’ve been playing music for decades, together for a few years now.


Doc & Merle Watson
Tim O’Brien
The Beatles
Bob Dylan
John Prine
Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
Townes Van Zandt
Bill Monroe
Eric Clapton
and many more….

Band Members

Richard Bowdon: guitar / harmonica
Jim Amsden: mandolin / guitar
Rob Surra: bass

Durham Ukulele Orchestra

The Durham Ukulele Orchestra is a genre busting ensemble whose love for music is rivaled only by the love they have for their favorite little instrument.

Durham Ukulele Orchestra - 5Formed in 2007, the Durham Ukulele Orchestra organically grew out of the ukulele jam session held at High Strung Violins and Guitars (and ukuleles!) on the first and third Mondays of every month. Upon forming, a weekly practice was organized and the band began to mix together their wide range of tastes and influences into a cohesive and delicious “musical soup” that ranges from jazz standards to art rock classics like Psycho Killer by The Talking Heads.

Bending these selections to the will of their tiny four-stringed instruments, the orchestra continues to turn out surprising and delightful renditions of familiar and slightly more obscure selections from the world of popular music. And although the band is very serious about what they do, (as serious as ukuleleists can be) the central idea behind D.U.O. has always been fun. Fun music to play and fun tunes for the public to listen to. At the end of the day, the idea of leading a musical life and the band’s love for playing with each other is what keeps this tiny juggernaut rolling on.


Recent Past Performance

April 25, 2015 at 8PM at the Pittsboro Roadhouse