High Clouds

HighClouds NC Musicians- in Pittsboro NC

We enjoyed their performance on May 12, 2015 at the Pittsboro Roadhouse


The High Clouds have over 30 years of experience performing traditional music: waltzes, airs, swing, and fiddle tunes. Their music includes selections from Old Time, New England and Contra Dance tunes and music from Quebec, Russ Barenberg tunes such as “Through the Gates” and “Pleasant Beggar”, and swing tunes such as “Lady Be Good”.

High Clouds on Reverbnation


The Goat Parade in Pittsboro NC

The Goat Parade has arrived in Pittsboro NC.

The Galloway Goats are on parade!

(Well, maybe on display is more precise.) They’re all over town! And just in time for the Pittsboro Fall Street Fair on Saturday October 25, 2014! Pittsboro is the place to be for fall and holiday fun for the whole family.

We’ll share the pictures here, but you’ll have to visit Pittsboro to find out which goats landed where!

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Did you see any that didn’t belong?

Why goats? Why a Goat Parade? It’s for a very good cause, and as we do in North Carolina, it also celebrates North Carolina artists!

*All photos courtesy of Galloway Ridge’s Facebook Page.

Chana Heins Meeks – North Carolina Artist

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Chana Heins Meeks – North Carolina Artist

Chana Meeks started Raleigh Street Gallery and owned and managed it for five years. In  2012, she sold it to allow more time for her art work.

“I’m getting back into painting. When I owned the gallery I didn’t have time for painting, especially watercolors. With watercolors you can’t stop and start, you have to go for it once the paper gets wet. It’s different than oils.”

Chana is very excited about Skillet Batik painting with watercolor and rice paper. It’s something new she’s doing.

“I teach,” said Chana. “Before I could do this with my students, I had to learn. It’s the same as batik on fabric. I use wax as a resist. Layer and layer of wax. Wax and paint. Wax and paint.

“I teach at Auldern Academy, a private therapeutic boarding school in Chatham County, high school students. A few of the students love it, and a few don’t. But mostly their are having fun with it.”

When asked what she loved about Skillet Batik, she answered.

“When I paint, I tend to be very realistic and tight. This loosens me up. You can never really tell what you’re going to have at the end until wax off, so I don’t stress out over all the details. I find it very freeing.”

Chana started painting in 1993.  And there’s a story with it. An interesting story.

“I bought my first house around that time, and wanted to decorate it. I’d go to art stores and look at prints. But there was no energy connection between me and any prints. So when my youngest went to kindergarten, I took a class to get into my own painting.

“But, to my surprise, when I finished my paintings, I didn’t want to look at them again. I enjoyed painting them, but when I look at them afterwards, I see all the little places I might have done it differently.

“It was then I realized I had to buy original art.

“Though I couldn’t really afford originals. I try to buy one every year or so.”

What does she look for in paintings?

“When I look for a painting, there’s always something about it,” Chana said. “I can’t say what exactly, but there’s an energy with it that catches my attention. Prints are missing that something.”

Pottery Throwing Classes and Painting Workshops

Chana also teaches Pottery Throwing on Monday and Tuesday nights, and painting workshops now and again.  She has a Skillet Batik workshop coming up in the summer of 2013.

You can reach Chana Heins Meeks at chanameeks@gmail.com or 919-356-7926.

See some of her paintings at Fine Art America online. And you can see quite a few of her pottery pieces at the Pittsboro Roadhouse General Store!

Chana Heins Meeks at Fine Art America