NC Fresh Catch in Pittsboro

 NC Fresh Catch is Coming to Pittsboro NC in June 2014

NC Fresh Catch Hwy 64 Summer Tour 2014

The Hwy 64 Summer Tour 2014 of NC Fresh Catch is stopping in Pittsboro Saturday June 21, 2014 between 3 and 8 pm with the most amazing selection of fish foods and the most amazing music! Did you see that kids 12 and under get in free? The entry fee is a modest $5, and once in, you can buy your food and drinks from individual vendors.

Live Music by these amazing bands:

The Swang Brothers

John Willse’s Upstartin’ All-Stars

The Dye Wells

Red Hot Poker Dots

Check out this video interview with Meg Davis, lead singer, about her life and finding a home in Carrboro, NC. Includes live music.

DoDaddy Farms Hydroponic Lettuce

The Pittsboro Roadhouse & General Store is committed to sourcing produce and meats from local farmers and business people, while balancing the availability, the affordability and the quality. Local farmers and providers stop by with their fresh produce, and organizations like First Hand Foods help us access a wider reach into local farming communities.

For a time we were sourcing greens from DoDaddy Farms.

DoDaddy Farms Hydroponic Greens with Fresh Mango Vinaigrette. House Smoked First Hand Foods Pork Belly, House-Pickled Water Melon Rind and Blackened Shrimp.

DoDaddy Salad 3

Sweetwater Pecan Orchards

Sweetwater Pecan Orchard is owned by  Alfred De La Houssaye 

Located on 25 acres on the Rocky River in Silk Hope, NC, the Sweetwater Pecan Orchard makes pecans, pralines, baked goods including pecan pies and their very own “chocolate pecan chewy,” peaches, apples, oriental persimmons, grapes, figs, Shiitake mushrooms, preserves, plus a lot of vegetables.

You can find Alfred at the Carrboro and Durham Farmers’ Markets:


Phone: 919-943-1800