The Sunday Band Series

The Sunday Band Series began in historic downtown Pittsboro in April 2014 with award-winning bands performing on the Pittsboro Roadhouse stage at 39 West Street, Pittsboro, North Carolina. After a solid run of monthly band events at the Pittsboro Roadhouse on Sunday mid afternoons, the Sunday Band Series drew to a close, with the decision to bring these wonderful bands in on Friday nights! Look for the bands with cover charges, some of those are bands we first got to know through the Sunday Band Series.

Bigger Bands on Occasional Friday Nights

Look for these and more:

  • Shoot to Thrill
  • Big Time
  • The Holiday Band
  • Hip Pocket
  • Jim Quick & Coastline
  • Carolina Soul
  • Liquid Pleasure

(Updated December 22, 2015)

Wilson Entertainment Services

John Wilson of Wilson Entertainment Services, is also a vocalist, guitarist and songwriter for Chatham County’s award-nominated BigTime Party Band. Wilson is organizing the Sunday Band Series in partnership with Greg Lewis of the Pittsboro Roadhouse. “When I met Greg Lewis and we started talking,” said Wilson, “we quickly realized we had a common vision for Pittsboro as a music hub and we could partner to help it grow.”

The Pittsboro Roadhouse & General Store

The bands will perform at the Pittsboro Roadhouse, one of the area’s largest restaurant and music venues, in the rear where the stage, dance floor, and bar are located. There is also a lounge from which one can see the stage and hear the music. Guests on the patio can also hear the bands. “39 West Street used to be a car dealership,” said Lewis. “There used to be a garage where the lounge is now. We installed a screened wall (and door), so when the weather is good, we raise the garage door, and fresh air and music move freely through the screened wall.”

“No other place within 30 miles of here has the caliber of food, environment and entertainment that the Pittsboro Roadhouse has – it’s entirely unique,” says Wilson.

Lynn Hoffman of Hoffman Guitars and Sounds

Lynn Hoffman of Hoffman Guitars and Sounds

Hoffman Guitars and Sound

The sound system was upgraded when the Pittsboro Roadhouse opened, but still needed work due to the large size and features of the back hall. Wilson recommended a talented sound expert, Lynn Hoffman, who makes his own sound equipment, custom electric guitars and amplifiers at Hoffman Guitars and Sound.

Within 10 days Hoffman performed acoustic analytics then designed, constructed, installed and tested a major upgrade. “I was able to put together a sound system specifically designed for the acoustics of this room,” said Hoffman. “We have a very good representation of the entire frequency spectrum, and it’s well equalized. Just about everyone I’ve talked to – performers and guests have loved the difference.”

 A Sampling of Sunday Band Series Concerts

The Invaders won the 2011 and 2012 Best Local Band in the Winston Salem Readers Choice Awards. The Invaders play Rock & Roll, Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Beach, Blues, Boogies, Soul and some Country. Len Wilson is on guitar and vocals; Jim Fulp on bass and vocals; and Bryant Bowles on drums and vocals. Though the musicians have many years of experience, they began playing as The Invaders in June 2010.

Music in Pittsboro

“The shared vision that Greg and I have for Pittsboro,” Wilson said, “and I know others see it too, is for Pittsboro’s already strong music offerings to continue to grow and develop in a way that Pittsboro becomes known as an exciting music hub. We want to be attracting people from all over the Triangle and Triad and beyond. Pittsboro and Chatham County are already a draw for art and antiques, and of course Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance in April and October.”

“If people come to The Invaders, and SHE BOP, The Castaways and The Holiday Band, and they have a good time, and this grows, we’ll be able to keep doing the Sunday Band Series and bring even bigger bands to town,” Wilson said.

Greg Lewis, owner of the Pittsboro Roadhouse added, “This opportunity to do a Sunday Band Series is happening at the right time. Spring is coming. Our sound system is at a whole new level of quality. The Pittsboro music scene is growing and attracting attention, and we’re ready to start utilizing our space more; the back part of our restaurant is essentially a music and dance hall. We want to be known as the place to come for really good food, really good music and a really good time!”

More Information

For more information about the Pittsboro Roadhouse and event scheduling contact Greg Lewis at 919-542-2432 or at


Book Signing Events at the Pittsboro Roadhouse

The Pittsboro Roadhouse has a spacious and comfortable lounge where local authors can hold book launch and signing events.


Author AlexSandra Lett

AlexSandra Lett and Greg Lewis

North Carolina Author AlexSandra Lett and Restaurant Owner Greg Lewis at the Pittsboro Roadhouse (2015)


Saturday December 5, 2015 between 1 and 4 pm

Monday December 7, 2015 between 6 and 9 pm

North Carolina author AlexSandra Lett will be signing books. Her latest book, The Harvest, has ties to Chatham County.

Harvest by AlexSandra Lett

She is the author of many books. Visit her website to find out more about AlexSandra.


Chatham, Wake, Orange & Lee County Authors Hold Book Signings

A number of local North Carolina authors have held their Pittsboro book launches at The Roadhouse including Douglas Baye Lorie, author of  Acaju.

Roadhouse Cafe Douglas Lorie Book Signing

For Europeans in the 1700s, Brazil was a frontier filled with dreams; dreams of saving souls, dreams of scientific discoveries, dreams of wealth. But sugar field wealth was only attainable with enslaving African and native peoples. Acaju opens with an abandoned baby at the gates of a Catholic mission, the enigmatic dark-skinned blue-eyed child, Jasy. Jasy   is raised and educated by a priest and by a Tupi foster mother who trains him the art of yerba mahtay tea. A writer of mystical realism, those who enjoy Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ works will enjoy Acaju.

The Pittsboro Roadhouse Lounge

Flat Tire Lounge at the Pittsboro Roadhouse

The Roadhouse Lounge

Pittsboro Roadhouse Lounge & Patio

Dan Blaisdell

Dan Blaisdell is a talented multi-instrumentalist who performs in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill-Pittsboro area of NC. He plays  acoustic music at the Pittsboro Roadhouse.  Come out and enjoy the music.

From another site:

“Pedal steel and multi-instrumentalist, Dan Blaisdell plays nearly a dozen instruments and has been influenced by traditional country, blues, hard rock, and more. Currently supporting country singer Ryan Daniel, Dan plays pedal steel guitar, banjo, and harmonica. Being a utility player for Ryan Daniel, Dan is also a prolific songwriter and entertains audiences of all sizes. Dan is also known as the “Marathon Man” for playing entire gigs without any breaks.

A fan recently described Dan Blaisdell’s style as: “a little blues, a hint of jazz and a whole lot of country.” Dan brings energy, style and class to every show, and fans can expect entertaining and memorable performances every time with Dan Blaisdell..”


Dan Blaisdell NC Multiinstrumentalist


Dan Blaisdell NC Multi-Instrumentalist - 4

New Year’s Eve Menu Announced

The Pittsboro Roadhouse today announced the New Year’s Eve 2016 Gala Menu.

December 31, 2015 “One Enchanting Evening” A Gala with the NC Revelers Orchestra will include these fine foods.

Bacon Wrapped Brussel Sprouts

“901” Tequila Marinated Shrimp w/ Agave Avocado Aioli

Salmon w/ Wilted Spinach, Shallot Pernod Sauce

Rosemary/Orange Crusted Filet of Beef w/ Garlic Aioli

Duck And Napa Cabbage Egg Rolls w/ Honey Creme Fraiche

Rice Corn Cakes w/ Bruleed Red Pepper and Onion Ragout

Goat Cheese Truffles w/ Fresh Herbs

Assorted Mini Parfaits

Lime Squares

Chocolate Covered Assorted Fruit

Assorted Truffles

Mini Cheesecake Phyllo Cups

New Year's Eve Gala 2016, RSVP (919) 542-2432

New Year’s Eve Gala 2016, RSVP (919) 542-2432

Mr. Wonderful – Dean Martin’s Music

Two of the members of the Swang Brothers, David Quick and FJ Ventre have formed this new finely tuned group called Mr. Wonderful to perform the music of Dean Martin.

The group’s first performance was at the City Tap, its second at the Pittsboro Roadhouse, and there will be more, 2nd Monday nights at the Pittsboro Roadhouse.

Mr. Wonderful – A Celebration of Dean Martin’s Music

7 – 9:30 pm $5

Mr. Wonderful is a fabulous retro show led by David Quick of The Swang Brothers. Every second Monday night, you have a rare opportunity to revel in the relaxing jazzy sound of a great by-gone era, Dean Martin’s.

David Quick leads the group and is very excited about being able to bring back these amazingly beautiful and songs. He loves the sound, and has attracted a team of masterful musicians.

FJ Ventre, also with David in The Swang Brothers, plays stand up bass. He is as solid as they come, and used to holding down the beat for The Swang Brothers. He’s exciting to watch.

Brad Maiani plays guitar. He’s versatile, excellent in many genres. For this act, he plays nylon string guitar which lends itself to the sexy bossa nova style that is part of the cocktail scene at its best.

Richard Tazewell is on keyboards. A very talented guy, he plays a lot of solo gigs. His part in Mr. Wonderful is a “right-hand” gig, like serving the olives and limes with the cocktails. He does a great job.

Jeff Brown is a masterful sax player – he blows alto, tenor and soprano, and hard to say which he does better. The quality of his tone is excellent.

On drums, they have Dave Shore. You couldn’t find a better drummer for the mellow jazzy sound Mr. Wonderful is aiming for. Davis plays with restraint and subtlety and delivers a class sound.

Mr. Wonderful at the Roadhouse

Come enjoy the music of DEAN MARTIN ! There’s nothing else like it in the Triangle!

Great dancing music, and excellent musicianship – just come and hear the shouts and applause by the audience at the end of each solo. There’s something special happening here!


The Rest of Mr. Wonderful's Band

Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets at the Pittsboro Roadhouse (2)

CHANA’S COOK’S BASKET Hand designed wooden spoon set, garlic bowl, spoon dish, small mixing bowl and stirrer, chocolate balsamic vinegar, a natural reed pot scrubber, hand crocheted dish cloths, Norm’s Blueberry Elderberry Preserves and Pittsboro Ornament. All set in a pretty white wicker basket with a red and white ribbon, red confetti paper, and red peppermint sticks. One of a kind. $135


Gift Baskets at the Pittsboro Roadhouse (3)

NC Potter Janet Resnick Christmas Dish Basket Includes a hand made hand decorated Christmas tree mug, small plate, spoon dish, bowl, two coasters and a locally made wood Pittsboro ornament. Placed in a rustic basket with a red bow, two red and white peppermint candy canes, and red confetti paper. One of a kind. Reserve this today by calling (919) 542-2432. $70


Gift Baskets at the Pittsboro Roadhouse (1)

Norm’s Farm Gift Basket Get yours for Shop Local Saturday. Includes Recipes, Elderberry Extract, Preserves, Jam and a locally made wooden ornament. Placed in a cute wicker basket, with a holiday ribbon and bow, and a red and white striped candy cane. $40 Call (919) 542-2432 to reserve yours.



Pittsboro Roadhouse Gift Baskets (3)

Chatham Christmas Basket Chatham County Council of Aging Blanket, Chatham County Grand Trees Calendar, Silk Hope Sparkling Wine, Courthouse Tee Shirt, Cap and Postcard, and Locally made wooden Pittsboro Ornament. One of a kind. Call to see if it’s still available. (919) 542-2432 $170


Pittsboro Roadhouse Gift Baskets (1)

Santa’s Key & Cookies Gift Basket NC Potter Janet Resnick Christmas Tree plate, cup and coaster; Metal Morphasis Santa’s Key bubble wand and locally made wooden snowman ornament. Call for yours. (919) 542-2432. $65

Bag of Llamas – Nov 21

No we’re not talking about transporting Llamas in a bag, or a bag of Llama wool, this is a band of seasoned musicians from Durham NC.

They play original and Llama-lized classic and alternative rock. That’s what they say “llama-lized.”

“It’s time-travel rock and roll from the 60s to today! Enjoy Llama-flavored Tom Petty, Sheryl Crow, Lifehouse, The Black Keys, Jason Derulo, Melissa Ethridge, Maroon 5 and more!”

Bag of Llamas Flyer

Dean Driver

Dean Driver is a talented North Carolina Singer Songwriter from Greensboro, NC. If you love Americana, you’ll enjoy Dean’s music. We look forward to having him back.


About Dean Driver 

I was the shy kid – the one who was too afraid to go up to the counter and ask for a packet of ketchup. I would never have imagined myself even speaking to a large group of people, much less performing original songs in before hundreds of people. But something fundamentally shifted inside of me several years ago. Now, rather suddenly, I find myself with a lot to say about the world, and I’m no longer afraid to say it.

Though I’ve played guitar since my teens, I never really sat down and figured it all out until aound 2008, after our kids were grown and I had a little more space in my life. Now I can finally reconstruct the songs that I’ve always heard playing in my head. It’s a huge thrill for me to have acquired this ability at the ripe old age of 50. This is all wonderfully new to me. When I write songs and play them, I swear I feel like I’m 24.

So my music has a unique flavor. I bring this youthful, never-done-this-before energy to my songs, but I write from the perspective of someone who has been around the block a few times. I’ve raised a family, I’ve seen relationships come and go, I’ve seen parts of the world I never expected to see, and I’m in many ways much more awake than I’ve ever been. I’m actually thankful that music came to me so late in life, because now I have much bigger palette of experience to draw from.

My genre, you ask? I truly have no idea. I’m simply playing what I hear in my head, and each song is as unique as an embryo. I guess I tend to construct them in the styles that I’ve experienced, so you’ll hear some Beatle influences, some Dylan, some Prine, Simon, and even a little classical. Cliff Eberhardt is my singer-songwriter hero, and if I’m guilty of mimicking anyone, it’s him.

I dig distinctive melodies, and I love songs with honest, heartfelt lyrics that engage and surprise, so I focus on those aspects when I’m putting songs together. I’m drawn to songs with big ideas behind them, but that don’t take themselves too seriously. Mostly, I see the inspiration to write a song as a precious gift, and I feel obliged to honor that gift and make the song happen. My hope for each song is that it reaches people, allows them to see things from a different perspective, and maybe makes the world a little less lonely.

15-501 Music

15-501 is a musical collaboration between George Shepherd and Jon Albert Segars. These local musicians bring nearly 40 years of combined experience in guitar and banjo to the stage. The music of 15-501 is instrumental and distinctly Carolina with roots in contemporary acoustic, country blues, and modern bluegrass.

Rock from the 60s and 70s

15-501 Photo Chapel Hill Duo

15-501 is a musical collaboration between George Shepherd and Jon Albert Segars.

Every Breath – Instrumental recorded at Katy’s Music Bar in Hillsborough, NC

Walking the Dog – Live with 15-501

Instrumental Live at the Historic Blue Bayou

15-501 Logo from Chapel Hill

OLLI at Duke New Horizons Swing Band in Pittsboro

Olli New Horizons Swing Band (17)

Olli: New Horizons Swing Band 7pm.

OLLI stands for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. There is one at Duke University in Durham, NC. The OLLI at Duke New Horizons Band is part of the New Horizons International Music Association (over 175 bands in the US and Canada).

From Band Director Jeff Zentner:

“We’re a 22 piece big band swing band. We’ll be playing a variety of music from the 1930s through some contemporary Jazz music. It will be for dancing and listening. We’ll provide some commentary. The OLLI New Horizons program is designed for people in retirement, for the fun and thrill of it. Everyone in the band is over 50.  Female vocalist who will be singing.

If you’re a Jazz aficionado the band will bring back memories of many great songs like:

One O’Clock Jump with Count Basie and his Orchestra

In the Mood with the Glenn Miller Orchestra

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy with the Toronto All Star Big Band

Begin the Beguine with the Artie Shaw Orchestra

We have a good time and we bring a good crowd.”


Jeff Zentner is the band director. ( | 919-489-9118) For more information see the bottom of this page.