Changing Wednesday Nights

To everything there is a season…

After a great three year run with Karaoke or/and Open Mic on Wednesday  nights with Raleigh Event DJ, Brad Junell, where we have had many a memorable night and met a number of our future performers for Acoustic Nights at the Roadhouse or Weekend Nights on the Roadhouse Stage, we are bringing Performance Night to a close.

Last date for Pittsboro Roadhouse Open Mic & Karaoke: Wednesday December 30, 2015

We have had very young children, and very senior people and everyone in between. We have had solo performers on guitar, duos, trios and a full-sized band with a drum set, and 5 performers.

Thank you to everyone who has participated, and especially to Brad Junell of Raleigh Event DJ for his steady and welcoming presence, week after week, after week. It’s been about 150 Wednesday Nights! That’s impressive.

Thank you so much everyone!

Look for our new Wednesday night events, coming soon.


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