Dunlap Farms in Bear Creek, North Carolina

All Natural, Locally Raised Cattle (and Bison)

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Dunlap Farm in Bear Creek North Carolina

Dunlap Farms in Bear Creek, NC is a family owned and managed cattle farm. Ben Dunlap and his parents run the business on about 1,000 acres of grazing land. North Carolina with its mild winter and long grazing season, like much of the South, is good cattle raising land.

Up in the hills around Bear Creek, there are several cattle farms, wide green patches of pasture similar to the dairy farm land in upstate New York. Pretty. Relaxing. To those of us who drive by. Lots of ponds and little lakes which help water the cattle, cool them off, and provide back up water for irrigation.

A Family Farm

DunlapFarm-NC (90)Ben Dunlap grew up learning about cattle and grazing, about managing the pastures and feeding the cattle. It’s second nature to him. Learning by living it gives him a tremendous knowledge in the business. There are so many variables with the weather, keeping the cattle healthy, the quality of the feed, the balance of grass feeding vs. grain feeding, the kind of meat the cattle are known for.

Dunlap Farms provides all natural farm raised beef which is grain fed.  The beef also has no added hormones and no chemical additives or coloring agents added. They are members of the National Cattleman’s Beef Association & N.C. Cattleman’s Association and also a member of the Goodness Grows in NC.

Photographs at Dunlap Farms

Take a look at some pictures we recently took after arranging a tour at Dunlap Farm, courtesy of Ben Dunlap.

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Big fields for grazing cattle at Bear Creek.

Bison at Dunlap Farms

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Bison in the fields at Dunlap Farms

Bison meat is said to be healthier for humans than beef.  Whether it actually is is a topic for debate between professionals. But we can say that our customers have enjoyed the Bison Burgers we began offering in May 2013 so much that we will be adding it to our regular menu in June.

We have been pleased to source all of our beef and bison meat from Dunlap Farms now.

Nearby Town of Siler City

Dunlap Farms in Bear Creek, NC is just beyond Siler City, North Carolina. While their farm is thriving, and the demand for naturally raised, and locally raised beef and bison is growing, other local industry is challenged.

downtown siler city nc

A Street Corner in downtown Siler City where art galleries draw visitors and attention.

Siler City and the surrounding community was hard hit by the closing of the Townsend chicken processing plant in 2011. While there are vital growth areas of sustainable organic agriculture, small farmsbio-fuels, culinary arts, organic cooking, and the arts, the economy has a long way to go before everyone who wants work can find it.

The Family’s Pet Cow

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Several of the animals have become pets and will live out their lives in the pasture, getting visits from the Dunlaps, and occasional hugs.

It was inspiring to visit Dunlap Farms and meet Ben Dunlap and his family, and tour part of this part of the Dunlap Farms property.

We even stopped to meet one of the pet cows that his daughters love. She lives in the pasture, along with dozens of mother cows and some bulls, and their calves.

To reach Ben Dunlap, visit the Dunlap Beef website at: http://www.dunlapbeef.com/ or call (336) 301-0253. Tell him the Pittsboro Roadhouse sent you his way.