Katy Perry Guitars from Super Bowl Halftime Show Displayed at Pittsboro Roadhouse

Katy Perry auctioned her band’s three Fender guitars from the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the most viewed show in history. NFL Auctions led the auction and the leading youth domestic violence prevention agency, Break the Cycle was the recipient of the proceeds.

Katy Perry Super Bowl Show from Hollywood Reporter

On Monday February 21 the auction closed and a North Carolina based guitar collector won, not one, not two, but all three guitars which were auctioned separately.

The collector who asked to remain anonymous is presenting the guitars to Greg Lewis of the Pittsboro Roadhouse for display. It’s a bit of American history, not a copy of the Declaration of Independence, but definitely mementos from a historic sports & musical event, Super Bowl 49 with Katy Perry for the Half Time Show.

June Fundraising Event

In June 2015, paired with a fundraising event for FVRC, the Roadhouse displayed the Katy Perry SuperBowl Guitars. Look for the date and details about the entertainment.


Josh Moreau and the Fender Bass guitar he played at Super Bowl 49


Casey Hooper and the Fender guitar he played at Super Bowl 49 in 2015.

The guitars are three, made-in-the-usa Fender guitars:

Casey Hooper – Lead Guitarist – American Standard Strat

Josh Moreau – Bass Player – ’74 American Vintage Jazz Bass

Nathan Spicer – Guitar – American Special Jazzmaster

The guitar collector notably did not acquire the giant lion robot, either of the two sharks, or Lenny Kravitz’ very sharp looking black Gibson.

Fender Guitars from Katy Perrys Band

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