Mr. Wonderful – Dean Martin’s Music

Posted on November 25, 2015

Two of the members of the Swang Brothers, David Quick and FJ Ventre have formed this new finely tuned group called Mr. Wonderful to perform the music of Dean Martin.

The group’s first performance was at the City Tap, its second at the Pittsboro Roadhouse, and there will be more, 2nd Monday nights at the Pittsboro Roadhouse.

Mr. Wonderful – A Celebration of Dean Martin’s Music
7 – 9:30 pm $5

Mr. Wonderful is a fabulous retro show led by David Quick of The Swang Brothers. Every second Monday night, you have a rare opportunity to revel in the relaxing jazzy sound of a great by-gone era, Dean Martin’s.

David Quick leads the group and is very excited about being able to bring back these amazingly beautiful and songs. He loves the sound, and has attracted a team of masterful musicians.

FJ Ventre, also with David in The Swang Brothers, plays stand up bass. He is as solid as they come, and used to holding down the beat for The Swang Brothers. He’s exciting to watch.

Brad Maiani plays guitar. He’s versatile, excellent in many genres. For this act, he plays nylon string guitar which lends itself to the sexy bossa nova style that is part of the cocktail scene at its best.

Richard Tazewell is on keyboards. A very talented guy, he plays a lot of solo gigs. His part in Mr. Wonderful is a “right-hand” gig, like serving the olives and limes with the cocktails. He does a great job.

Jeff Brown is a masterful sax player – he blows alto, tenor and soprano, and hard to say which he does better. The quality of his tone is excellent.

On drums, they have Dave Shore. You couldn’t find a better drummer for the mellow jazzy sound Mr. Wonderful is aiming for. Davis plays with restraint and subtlety and delivers a class sound.

Come enjoy the music of DEAN MARTIN ! There’s nothing else like it in the Triangle!

Great dancing music, and excellent musicianship – just come and hear the shouts and applause by the audience at the end of each solo. There’s something special happening here!