Pittsboro Restaurants

Restaurants in Historic Downtown Pittsboro

Do you know how many Pittsboro Restaurants we have for you to choose from in 2014?


If we divide Pittsboro into different areas you can see what restaurants are in each one:


  1. Courthouse North – 3 Blocks up from the Historic Courthouse

    • Virlie’s – here forever, lots of old timers, good affordable food, high on service and home feeling, low on decor
    • Blue Dot Coffee – brand new to the Pittsboro scene in 2014, high on service, variety of drinks and sweets, home feeling and the brightest bathroom in town
    • S&T Soda Shop – step back in time, an old pharmacy, milk shakes and sodas, a classic
    • Phoenix Bakery – not officially a restaurant, but some of us make coffee and a muffin into a meal, indoor-outdoor
    • City Tap – hopping bar with light meals and lots of live music / indoor-outdoor
    • Cafe Diem – Quaint cool cafe with Steam Punk theme
    • Elizabeth’s – contemporary Italian restaurant
  2. Courthouse South

    • The Mod – contemporary and new since 2012, restaurant & bar with patio
    • John’s Pizza – a local “pizza joint”


    • The Pittsboro Roadhouse – contemporary burger and new American restaurant, lounge and bar with music and dancing, locally owned, community events, cooked-from-scratch fresh food, local, farm-to-table in season 
    • Angelina’s Kitchen – small friendly restaurant owned and managed by Angelina herself, with Greek and New Mexican inspired dishes, local and fresh
    • Al’s Diner – small town diner, been here for ever, good food, good service
    • Al’s Lunchbox – across the street from Al’s


(moving East from Courthouse Circle)

  1. East Street – Block 1
    • Hardee’s
  2. East Street – Block 2
    • Small B&B Cafe – small, cool, creative restaurant, not your ordinary fare
  3. East Street – Block 3 (Piggly Wiggly Plaza)
    • Bella Donna Italian Restaurant – polished and cozy Italian restaurant with very good food and romantic ambiance
  4. Food Lion Plaza
    • Subway
    • San Fernando Mexican Restaurant
    • China Inn
  5. YMCA Plaza & Across the Road


    • The Oakleaf – contemporary elegant dining
    • Chatham Marketplace – Fresh daily buffet, sushi, soups, salads in cooperative marketplace
    • Starlight Meadery – Mead wine tastings and events

POWELL PLACE (15/501 and Hwy 64)

  1. Powell Place West
    • Subway
  2. Powell Place East
    • Carolina Brewery
    • KFC / Taco Bell
    • McDonalds
    • New Japan
    • Papa Johns – take out only
    • & more

STAY TUNED — we’re working on our list!

So how many restaurants are there in Pittsboro North Carolina?