Redleg Husky

Redleg Husky is Boot-stompin’ folk music with soul from Boone, North Carolina.

Redleg Husky NC Musicians

Misa Giroux (vocals, guitar, mandolin) and Tim McWilliams (vocals, guitar, banjo)

“Formed in 2012 in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Redleg Husky is an acoustic roots duo that has created a unique blend of boot-stomping folk music with soul. Consisting of Misa Giroux (vocals, guitar, mandolin) and Tim McWilliams (vocals, guitar, banjo), they have continued to captivate listeners in the Southeast, leading to features on the Alternate Root Magazine’s “5 Flying Under the Radar” and WNCW’s “Local Color,” as well as opening performances for national acts such as The Tillers and Kim Lenz and the Jaguars.

“Motivated by audiences’ positive reception of their music, Redleg Husky embarked on a 3-month DIY cross-country tour, “Across the Fields,” between June and October 2014. A huge success, the experience was one of a lifetime as well as a crash course in camping, couch surfing, and living on refried beans and peanut butter sandwiches. In total, the band performed sixty-seven shows in sixteen different states, gaining a host of new fans all throughout the nation and a voracious desire to continue on their musical journey.

“Their debut self-titled EP was recorded in Greensboro, NC, by Daniel Levi Goans (Lowland Hum) and released in January 2013, followed by their first full-length studio album Carolina, recorded at Wild Chorus Studios in Knoxville, TN, by Scott Minor (Sparklehorse) and released in March 2014. Misa and Tim are thankful that the talented Greenville, SC native, David Funderburk, was able to join them on both recordings. David performed percussion, musical saw, harmonies, and added four of his original songs to Carolina. David and his wife Heather just had a beautiful baby boy and reside in Asheville, NC, where he is still able to gig occasionally with the band.

“Redleg Husky has begun touring full-time, so check out the tour calendar for an up-to-date list of shows, and like Redleg Husky on Facebook!”  (From Artist Bio on Reverbnation)

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