Sunday Brunch at The Roadhouse

Brunch Buffet First Sundays

We’re open for Pittsboro First Sunday, the day when  historic downtown Pittsboro opens up its doors and fills the sidewalks with crafts and specials for visitors. Pittsboro First Sundays begin in April and continue until December.

We currently serve select breakfast choices along with our regular Lunch Menu. Menu changes periodically.

The hours are 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m (seating by 2:30pm).

Our Lounge

Additional seating for Brunch is available in our comfortable lounge. We call it the “Flat Tire Lounge” because some of the tables are made from tires with a plexiglass top. Guests can rest their feet and order something cool or something hot to eat or drink or both before heading out again. 

With the spirit of a street market and a wide variety of wares for sale, Pittsboro First Sunday is an event. If you haven’t been, you should make a half day of it.

Town of Pittsboro

Have you seen the colored map of Downtown Pittsboro created by the Pittsboro Business Association? You may want to print it out if it’s your first visit to the quaint and vibrant downtown center. A new one has been in the works in the early Spring 2015, see if it’s ready yet.