The Chefs at the Pittsboro Roadhouse

The Pittsboro Roadhouse was started by Chef Greg Lewis, who trained at the Culinary Institute of America and has many years of experience working in and running restaurants. Having already achieved notoriety as a chef with articles in Bon Appetit and other prominent culinary magazines, Chef Greg planned to bring in another chef for the Pittsboro Roadhouse.

Finding the right chef for a restaurant is important – and it is influenced by many considerations. It also changes over time. Does the chef share the vision for the restaurant with the owner? Does the chef bring the right cooking and recipe development experience? Does the chef understand his guests in the restaurant? Is he or she able to learn from guest feedback? What is the chemistry of the chef with the kitchen team? Many many considerations.

Chef Greg was very excited when an acquaintance suggested he approach Chef David Carlin a young chef who was working in the mountains in Boone, at a very prestigious fine dining restaurant and resort. Chef David Carlin contributed a lot to the Roadhouse and in the spring of 2015 he transitioned to a resort.

Chef David Carlin in Pittsboro NC

Chef David Carlin

Chef David Carlin has a passion for cooking that is palpable – you can taste it!  Here is a little about his philosophy and practices.

“I wanted to bring the techniques from fine dining restaurants into a more casual atmosphere.”

“I’ve trained my staff from the ground up to make food from scratch at a reasonable price.”

“With this last menu change, the biggest one we’ve done so far, we reduced the number of offering with three goals in mind:

  • Serving what our customers like
  • Ensuring we can offer the highest quality and freshest foods by focusing on fewer variety
  • Sourcing local foods when they are in season, of high quality and also at a price that keeps our menu affordable”

“I like to make everything from scratch.”

“With this last menu change I wanted to make our menu more approachable. We love having Chef’s Local Specials that might draw visitors from Chapel Hill and Apex, but we also want to be a staple in Pittsboro and Chatham County, so people feel comfortable coming out, not just a couple of times a year, but regularly.”

“My vision for this restaurant is that people in the community feel comfortable coming in to have a drink and relax in the afternoon; or as a place to meet up with other people in the area; as a place where people can come in after work, and have their friends join them.”

“The first time I walked into this restaurant, my first impression was that it was a really comfortable place to spend time and relax.”

“Many restaurants may be just a dining room, where you come to eat and then leave. But the Pittsboro Roadhouse has so many different spaces and atmospheres:

  • Front dining room
  • General Store
  • Patio
  • Lounge
  • Bar
  • Back dining room
  • Dance Floor
  • Stage

You can come and spend a lot of time here in different spaces, doing different things.”

“You ask about making things from scratch? Many well known restaurant chains are preparing frozen food. Chicken tenders come pre-breaded, for example.

We get in fresh chicken, pound it out and bread it to order. The same with oysters. We receive them, bread them ourselves, and fry them fresh.