The Sap Boilers Sep. 10

The Sap Boilers are Greg Henkle on mandolin and guitar, Dan Mahoney on dobro and vocals, and Brian Thomas on guitar and vocals.
Performing Thurs. September 10, 2015 –  6 – 8 pm
The Sap Boilers at the Pittsboro Roadhouse
They’re an acoustic trio – guitar, mandolin, dobro.  They previously performed at the Pittsboro Roadhouse at the March 12th taping on the Tokyo Rosenthal Program.
After many combined years in various traditional bluegrass ventures the three got together with a notion to build on their bluegrass base while pulling in some material from outside the genre. Their music includes a healthy dose of bluegrass, old and new, along with a sprinkling of classic country, folk, and old-time selections done in a style that complements the song and allows each member’s contribution to shine through.

The Sap Boilers on Reverbnation – studio recordings and videos.

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