Event Space at the Pittsboro Roadhouse

Looking for event space in Pittsboro? The Pittsboro Roadhouse has several different event spaces for your next event for business, for social parties, for political groups or associations, and of course, for wedding receptions. Take our Google 3D tour of our event spaces.

Event Space for Small Groups:

The left side of the front dining room, either with a single round table in the nook or some tables strung together, will accompany a group of 20 or fewer.

Gather in the Lounge and group a set of chairs and sofas together.

For a private luncheon or morning through lunch meeting (including lunch), parties of 20 people or more can reserve the back dining room Monday through Saturday mornings until mid-afternoon at no charge if each person orders a meal. We start restaurant dinner service around 5pm and may have another event in the lounge or live music on the stage.

Event Space for Medium Sized Groups:

Take over the lounge with 20 to 60 guests. If you order refreshments or meals for your guests there is no extra charge. You can also fit in the back dining room Monday – Saturday mornings through afternoons.

Event Space for Large Sized Groups:

For 60 to 150 people, the back dining room will seat them all. An event in the lounge would need to be standing for most of the guests. Monday – Saturday mornings through mid-afternoons are the available times.

The restaurant is usually closed on Sundays, but if you have an event of sufficient size talk to us about your needs and we’ll see what we can work out. Our whole restaurant, the front floor-to-ceiling windowed dining room; the lounge; the bar and the rear dining room can accommodate around 300 people.

Pittsboro Roadhouse has considerable flexibility with event space to accommodate wedding receptions, business meetings that carry over into lunch, birthday parties, political get-togethers, singles groups and more. For example, you could offer a course or presentation in the rear dining area on one of the weekday evenings when we don’t have events scheduled.

Call us today, or email us at info@pittsbororoadhouse.com to find out what’s possible. We may just have the flexibility and attractive space you need.