FAQs about Playing the Roadhouse

FAQs about Playing the Roadhouse

Frequently Asked Questions about Playing the Roadhouse

What do we need to send the Roadhouse?

  1. Links to audio and/or video clips, website, social media pages are required. Please include a link to Reverbnation page as well. If you do not have one, please indicate this. This will save us time from not having to search you out on Reverbnation. To have or not to have a Reverbnation page is not a deciding factor on you getting booked. We utilize Reverbnation as our primary music calendar which is also linked to our website and Facebook page.  If no links are provided, you will not receive a response.
  1. Provide names of other venues you perform at in the areas surrounding Pittsboro. Include average attendance / draw (please be honest).  If you do not draw well at other places, that doesn’t necessarily mean you may not draw at the Pittsboro Roadhouse. We are open to giving new acts a chance.  If you do draw well at other places, we need to know what to expect in planning for your show.

How much do you pay?

Tuesday and Thursday Dinner  – $50 + $25 food credit (Acoustic solo, duo or trio only)

Friday & Saturday – $100 + $50 food credit (Full bands only)

NOTE:  Some bands may play for the door by running and collecting their own cover charge based on attendance numbers from previous Pittsboro Roadhouse performances. These bands are responsible for providing a person to do so.

National / Regional Touring/ Tribute/Beach Music (FULL BAND) acts should inquire about pay by emailing pittsbororoadhousemusic@gmail.com.

What do you look for in booking a band?

Professionalism – This applies to timeliness, performance, language, dress and stage presence.
In other words, if your band is on time for load in, you are tight and together musically, you don’t use vulgar or negative language, you’re well dressed and you interact with your crowd in a positive manner then you are what we’re looking for.

Song Selection – The Pittsboro Roadhouse supports artists who write and perform original music however, not everybody in the crowd appreciates a band that performs only original music.  Unless your band can fill the place up on the popularity of your original music, we prefer you mix in your originals with some great covers that most folks will recognize and enjoy.

The Pittsboro Roadhouse also supports bands that only do covers. Please make sure the majority of your set lists are well known covers. Lesser known songs can be great but, a set full of them is about as good as a set of all original music.

The goal here is to draw customers into the Pittsboro Roadhouse and keep them there until closing time. The music being played can very well determine if they stay or leave. Playing songs that people are familiar with and enjoy is a must if you want to play on the Roadhouse Stage.

What equipment do you have?

We have a 16-channel Allen & Heath board powered by two Crown Amplifiers. Two Peavey stage monitors. Two speaker stacks (mains & subs) hand built by Lynn Hoffman of Hoffman Guitars & Sound.  Due to theft, we no longer provide microphones, XLR cables or instrument cables. Please bring your own.

How do I Increase My Chances of Performing at the Roadhouse?

  1. Come by and have dinner and introduce yourselves to the owner, Greg Lewis
  2. Check our ReverbNation Calendar before writing us – as soon as a gig is confirmed it’s up on ReverbNation.
  3. Check the nights we have music. Don’t suggest dates we don’t have music, such as Wednesdays or Sundays. Mondays are reserved for specific bands which rotate regularly and with whom we already have standing agreements. Don’t suggest dates that are already booked unless to suggest as a back-up option.
  4. Have a ReverbNation account with audio and/or video clips, pictures and a band description including 2 -3 line promo text.
  5. Have Facebook  and Twitter pages and/or web pages so we can link to you

How can we help publicize our event at the Roadhouse?

  1. Send us promo text: 1 – 2 lines and 1 paragraph so we have accurate and exciting promo text about your music  to music@pittsbororoadhouse.com
  2. Create and deliver flyers to the Roadhouse about a month in advance, sending word that you’re doing so, or have done so to music@pittsbororoadhouse.com, since we create flyers about 3 weeks in advance if we don’t hear from bands
  3. Distribute flyers around towns in the area – as you’re about, and where you travel. Chapel Hill. Durham. Siler City. Sanford. Apex. Cary. Morrisville.
  4. Post it on your own website
  5. Do what publicity you might regularly do
  6. Have a ReverbNation Account and list the event
  7. Have a Facebook Page for your music and post about it. Create one here – use Artist/Band or Public FigureRead More.
  8. Have a Twitter account so we can help promote you while you help promote your own performances, tweet about it and list @PittsboroRdHse so we can retweet
  9. Send notice(s) to your mailing list. (Some suggest a month in advance, then ten days, three days, and same day as a last minute reminder.)

How does the Roadhouse publicize our event at the Roadhouse?

We provide the following publicity which significantly raises the Internet profile of some of the lesser known bands:

  1. Reverbnation listings which link to your ReverbNation Page when possible, otherwise we add your picture.  (RN shows on our website in two places, and on our Facebook Page.)
  2. Raleigh Music Listings. We link to a picture of your band.
  3. Listing on:
    • IndyWeek if sufficient notice
    • Listing in the Chatham Chatlist for the week
    • In a Facebook Page post some time before the event, sometimes in a “this week’s events” post,  and usually the day of or day before. We also post on our Music @ The Pittsboro Roadhouse group Facebook page
    • On Twitter, via Facebook posts, and sometimes directly on Twitter as well.
  4. Single Page Color Flyer with a Photo Posted up to two weeks in advance on our doors.
  5. Listing on our chalkboard wall calendar.
  6. Listed on our Music Menu to Go card available on every table to take home.
  7. Listed in our weekly email to our subscribers